Methods of Teaching:
A Deeper Look Into Our Direct Action Course

As students of a traditional style, we often see the majority of our first months (and sometimes years) training in the basics.  This is a sensible approach as it builds a strong foundation of which to lay more advanced concepts and techniques.  However, we live in times where the content, quality and final goal for what is taught is quite difficult to determine at the onset.  A student may spend a great deal of time under an instructor who is lacking both skill and understanding in what they teach.  In extreme circumstances people have wasted a lifetime following false teachings as their loyalty blinded them to the fact that their continued progress was non-existent.  Situations such as this are what lead to developing the Iron Phoenix Direct Action course.

I have always believed that a good instructor is one who has the desire to see their students’ progress beyond the instructors own ability.  The instructor helps his student succeed and break through the barriers that hinder them.  However, if the student lacks ambition and cannot conceive their goals an instructor is unable to take them further.  Direct Action became the stepping stone to develop the student’s conception of what their goals should be and give them the ambition having tasted the skills that they were going to work to develop.  We removed all the formalities, the physical conditioning, the mental conditioning, the foundation building, and all the other aspects required to develop highly skillful use of these concepts.  Instead we bring to the forefront particular principles and techniques extracted from the Praying Mantis style and present them in a fashion that gives the student a clearer picture of what comprises the style and an opportunity to test drive these concepts themselves.

While Direct Action gives the student a basic understanding and use of certain skills, it is still not a replacement for traditional training which is necessary to develop those skills to perfection.  This is not to say that what a student learns from the course is useless, but on the contrary the takeaways from the course are highly effective and very useful in common altercations.  But when the opponent is experienced, further refinement is necessary as combat becomes more complex.

So if you are curious about Chinese martial arts or, in particular, Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu, then I encourage you to sign-up for our Direct Action course.  There you will have the opportunity to ask questions and test a number of skills from our style.