Advancement Class Results – January 5, 2013

Advancement Class - January 05, 2013

Congratulations to Derric Hicks, Darius Hicks, & Troy Wangenheim for completing their first advancement class and earning their white sash.

Congratulations to all the students who attended Advancement* this past Saturday. This was our first Advancement since our school opened and it was an amazing success. Everyone worked hard through the entire class. Our foundation building portion was above and beyond what we normally do during class, but that is what is needed to grow, develop and become awesome! With our inaugural class moving up a level, they must prepare to take on new challenges while they continue to refine the old. We look forward to their continued success and improvement.

*Advancement is the gate between stages of training. We believe in constant refinement over time, so students are not graded on performance, but are offered this opportunity to receive individual attention and crtique of all their material. Our instructors work closely with each one of our students so they are already aware when a student is ready to progress to the next level. Advancement is that time to focus on your skills and uncover areas of improvement before moving on to the next stage of training.