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June Advancement Videos Have Been Posted

Check your student video log if you were at this month’s Advancement to watch your videos.

Grandmaster Fogg’s 22nd Annual Kung Fu Workshop

Each year we join Grandmaster Fogg and Sifu’s from around the country in a workshop designed to invigorate our love for kung fu and build bonds between our kung fu brethren. This grand event extends throughout the weekend where each … Continue reading

Congratulations! April/May Promotion Announcement

Seven people have gone through the gauntlet of Advancement these past couple of months. They have each successfully learned their required material, have shown that they are ready for more, and tested their limits at Advancement. All combined they are … Continue reading

Schedule Changes For May

Beginning May 6th, we will be adding another class to help us with our growing numbers and advancing students. The new schedule will be as follows: 6:55pm-7:55pm Unranked & White Sash Levels 8:05pm-9:05pm All Levels These new times go into … Continue reading

Round Rock Seminar Success!

Another great seminar with Grandmaster Raymond Fogg! For all those who missed this opportunity, we had a day filled with kung fu training. There were 3 sessions that took us from 10am to 6pm. We started the day with a … Continue reading

March 2013 Advancement Class

Another group has attended and survived advancement. This was their first time attending an advancement and they all did tremendously well. Congratulations to Jerome, Eddie, and Jagger who now move on to delving deeper into their kung fu training!

Open House – Thursday, March 28th

[raw] In less than 2 weeks we are opening our doors and inviting all those who have ever had a desire to train in traditional martial arts to come out and participate in one of our classes, take our Direct … Continue reading

New Article: The First Line of Defense

The First Line of Defense
Defensive situations do not have to result in physical confrontations

Self-preservation is an inherent trait amongst the human race. To improve our chances, we often seek out self-defense training in hopes that we may be better prepared for the unexpected. We often perceive self-defense training to teach us how to … Continue reading

Grandmaster Fogg’s Kung Fu Super Seminar – Round Rock Edition

On March 28th, Grandmaster Fogg will be teaching a series of seminars hosted by Sifu Damien Mills and Seven Star Martial Arts. As a student, you should always take opportunities to train with Sifu Fogg and attend seminars with our … Continue reading