Training Methods of Ma Bou

To train Ma Bu is the basic training of learning martial arts. Some call it zhan ma bu(to stand on ma bu), zhan zhuang(to stand solidly like a pillar), di pen(to stand firmly on the ground like a basin), or … Continue reading

The First Line of Defense
Defensive situations do not have to result in physical confrontations

Self-preservation is an inherent trait amongst the human race. To improve our chances, we often seek out self-defense training in hopes that we may be better prepared for the unexpected. We often perceive self-defense training to teach us how to … Continue reading

The Art of Kung Fu
Hobby vs. Passion

In its truest form, there is no denying that traditional kung fu is an art. It may seem obvious, given that we call kung fu a “Martial Art”, but often times the concepts that give this art its form are … Continue reading

How To Find Traditional Kung Fu Training

Perhaps you are searching for something different, interested in Chinese traditions, or you are simply an avid Kung Fu movie buff (because who can’t get enough of Gordon Liu and Donnie Yen!), all of which are reasons we seek out … Continue reading

Methods of Teaching:
A Deeper Look Into Our Direct Action Course

Direct Action became the stepping stone to develop the student’s conception of what their goals should be and give them the ambition having tasted the skills that they were going to work to develop. Continue reading