Direct Action
Mantis Kung Fu Application Training

Seminar Description

This seminar is designed with a low-learning curve in mind so that students are able to attain a level of understanding and skill sufficient to utilize the teachings in an actual combative situation. It aims to dive right into learning core concepts of Praying Mantis Kung Fu. The teachings are focused on developing techniques that are simple to learn and use.

The content being taught are select concepts extracted from the Seven Star Praying Mantis style of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. This style excels in efficient use of energy, relaxed body movement, and devastating power. This seminar goes beyond the basics and offers the student insight and application into this strongly rooted and principled art. Not only will the student learn various combative techniques, but also develop a better understanding of how energy can be manipulated and how kinetics of the human body can be exploited.

There are three available topics for this seminar, each focusing on a particular aspect of combat.

Class Descriptions

Principled Striking

This topic focuses on different elements of striking, under the guidance of our fighting principles. Here you will learn how to properly execute striking techniques in conjunction with principles found in the Praying Mantis style, such as reciprocal motion, collapsing, and illusiveness. In addition, the teachings have a complement of proper defensive training against the same techniques being taught.

Center of Gravity Manipulation

Whether your opponent is large or small, with proper training and application you can move anyone! The ability to manipulate a person into moving is all about structure and control of their center. Whether you goal is to push, pull, throw or trip, this topic will teach you the basics involved in moving another. We teach students that with minimal effort and good execution they will see results that far surpass what is possible with raw strength alone.

Methods of Seizing & Control

Often we desire that in most situations we want only to control and/or restrain our opponent rather than hurt them. The delicate techniques & applications found in the ancient Chinese system of Chin Na are ideal for when we want to show restraint and at the very least have your opponent realize that their current course of action may be unwise. This topic goes over the categories of Chin Na, particular applications, and methods to implement them in real world situations.

All of these topics consist of material that far exceeds the time allotted for a single day, so even if you’ve already taken this seminar feel free to take it again as you will continue to learn and improve!

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