Hand of the Phoenix

Traditional Kung Fu Training Program

Foundation, Form & Fight!

Traditional training is the most complete method of kung fu martial arts development. This traditional kung fu class offers all there is in order to develop excellent martial skill. The student gets to experience a vast array of training methods that are designed to improve one’s martial ability & kung fu skill. At Iron Phoenix, we focus on three main areas to develop a balanced kung fu practitioner who is highly skilled in the art of 7 Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu. This Northern Shaolin style uses soft and fluid movements that generate immense power. Opponents of the mantis practioner often find themselves ensnared in their grip. Unable to escape they often resort to rash movements while the kung fu pracitioner remains calm and relaxed, moving with the flow of energy, and choosing when and where to strike!

Foundation Training

Martial arts training would be fruitless if not for a solid foundation. Building internal strength, excellent flexibility, and physically fit body are necessary in order to get the most out of your kung fu training. In addition, a strong mental foundation aids the student in their learning by making concepts easier to understand and translate into movement. For this reason, we build a foundation that includes activities that reduce tension and aggression so that one may be relaxed and humble.

Form Training

Proper technique execution, the chaining of techniques, and pricipled body movement are developed with form training. Form training consists of many things, such as improving our kung fu technique through improved structure or generating fast and fluid speed through continuity development. Through drills and preset forms, the student will build a memory in their body for how to move like a kung fu praticioner.

Fight Training

Good foundation and form can only build your skill so far. In order to fully grasp the concepts and principles involved in this rare style of kung fu, one needs to engage themselves with another to apply what they’ve learned and test their skill. Our program has a progressive approch to training students to develop and use their martial skill. We improve the most when we begin with slow movements. This allows the kung fu student to see for themselves where they are making mistakes and gives them the opportunity to correct them. We focus on a defensive approach to fighting and strive to develop our skill so that no matter what the speed or the power, we maintain control throughout.

Enrollment Details

When, Where, and How To Register!

When: Monday 7pm-8pm & Thursday 7pm-8pm
Where: Little Elm Recreation Center
Ages: 8 & Up
Skill: All Levels
How: Our enrollment process is simple:

  • Sign Up For Class.
  • Attend Class.
  • Start Learning Kung Fu!