Instructor Training Program

The Reason

The IPMA Instructor Training Program was developed to offer students the opportunity to enter a career in the field of mentorship, teaching, personal growth, and life skills development.  Those who have an interest helping others succeed can find few industries as effective as the Martial Arts.  The traditional aspects of martial arts provide an environment renown for character building and influential teachings.  Goals are set and conquered as you mentor students through many challenges and help build their resolve.  Character attributes are imparted through teaching methods that instill positive thinking, confidence, integrity, and a strong will to succeed.  The impact that one would have following this career path is truly immense.

The Path

The IPMA Instructor Training Program is a 3 year path which results in the opportunity to be an instructor in the martial arts industry.  Those who enroll will undergo a year of personal instruction where they will be educated in the martial skills of the Northern Shaolin style of Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu.  In addition, these students will be taught aspects of business operation and management as well as general leadership and mentor training.   The subsequent two years will be a paid apprenticeship at an IPMA school where they will get firsthand experience operating a school and mentoring their own students.

The Destination

Students who have succeeded in the program will be certified as IPMA Instructors and offered an opportunity to continue their training and career as a full-time salaried employee.  A major benefit to being an IPMA instructor is continued learning and skill improvement.  The study of martial arts is a lifelong pursuit where consistent training is necessary to maintain and grow.  As your knowledge expands, skill improves, and experience increases, you’ll find that your expertise will open up further opportunity to continue down your career path with IPMA.

Qualities Sought

  • Desire to be an influential and inspiring leader. One who accepts their role in the development and personal growth of those they mentor.
  • A strong conviction that determination, perseverance, and hard work are paramount to success.
  • Diligently focuses on improving each and every individual under their instruction.
  • Takes pride and pleasure helping others succeed.
  • Tirelessly pursues self-improvement and always seeks to challenge one’s self.

More Info

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