Martial Movement
Shaolin Kung Fu Fitness Training

Seminar Description

It is time to redefine your standard workout and reevaluate what you hope to gain. Don’t settle for simply “staying in shape” when your goals could be much higher and much more rewarding. Martial Movement is a martial fitness class designed to condition the body for the rigorous and challenging movement found in Shaolin kung fu. In this seminar you will come across both familiar exercises and ones unique to martial training as we aim to develop and enhance:

  • Stability
  • Flexibility
  • Martial Cardio
  • Leg & Core Strength
  • Kung Fu Techniques & Form

Why take this seminar?

We go beyond what is done in your regular class and give you a taste of what it takes to train your body to the level necessary for excellence. Kung Fu is deeply rooted in doing consistent hard work which allows the body to handle and react to nearly any situation. Most individuals quit early on and claim certain things as impossible. The reality is those individuals did not persevere and diligently work toward improving themselves, continuously challenging themselves and striving for more.

Challenge yourself to achieve the fitness level of a martial master!

Supplement Martial Movement with our Direct Action seminar to gain insight and one-on-one practice of techniques learned here.

Seminar Outline

Cardio and Technique

For this segment, the students are taught various techniques involving punches, kicking, knees and much more. These techniques are taught in combination form where we focus on drills that build on rhythem and contiuous movement. The goal here is to get the blood moving, the adrenaline pumping, and energy flowing, all while developing solid martial art form.

Martial Conditioning

Stretching, Strength and Stability
With the body warmed up and the energy high we jump into body conditioning! We aim to gain by improving your flexability, balance and overall strength. Excellence in martial arts comes from building yourself holistically so that physical barriers become nonexistant. This segment trains you in some of the many exercises geared toward tearing down walls and rebuilding on a stone hard foundation!

Form Development

This is where we bring it all together to develop martial form. The techniques learned, the static postures trained, and the conditioned body are combined to create a powerful and fluid set of movements.

Continue to build your skills and improve. There is no easy path to reach your goals, but if you are diligent and determined results are guaranteed to follow!

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