New Year Resolutions – The Kung Fu Challenge

'Katsuo-ji' photo (c) 2007, Chris Gladis - license:

Happy New Year! It is 2013, have you made your resolutions? Are you determined to tackle new challenges and begin your jouney into the world of kung fu?

Each and every year, many of us tell ourselves that we need to buckle down and start on those things that we have been pushing off all year long. January comes around and it always looks like the perfect time to make a personal resolution to persevere where you have previously faltered. But far too often those resolution go unmet and we quickly fall into the same slump that we drag along for another year; hoping that the following year your resolve will be that much stronger.

Free yourself from this burden and fullfill your commitments! Don’t hesitate, make a decision and prepare yourself for the challenge. I encounter so many people that claim to have always wanted to do kung fu, and if you are reading this then you are probably one of them. So this week (not the following week, not next month, THIS week) commit yourself and visit our class or, even better, just sign up and be ready to begin your training.

If you have already committed to the kung fu journey, then find other ways to challenge yourself. Stay after class and train harder. Seek assistance from our instructors to find out how you can improve. Accept more MartialFIT challenges and test yourself each day. The list is endless, but do not remain content if you desire excellence.

One last thing – Elation follows those who seek to better themselves, regret follows those who do not.