Praying Mantis Style Kung Fu in Dallas

Looking for kung fu in Dallas? Then stop your search and take a class with Iron Phoenix!

It is rare to find authentic martial arts. Rarer still that it be 7 Star Praying Mantis, a unique and formidable style of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. This is the style we teach at Iron Phoenix as it has been passed down generation after generation. Finding kung fu is a challenge these days, and there are very few schools that teach kung fu in dallas. Even more difficult is finding quality instruction. Wondering how you can find a school? Read our article on "How To Find Traditional Kung Fu Training!".

The first steps toward learning Kung Fu...

Interested in learning kung fu? Still uncertain about starting? Ease your mind and attend our Direct Action course. Direct Action is comprised of Mantis Kung Fu Application Training classes. These classes take the student through the more thought provoking concepts of Mantis Kung Fu. You will get hands on application experience and a fundamental understanding of what Mantis Kung Fu is about and why we find it so fascinating! This class has removed the conditioning aspect of martial arts. Instead, it focuses on the principles of the art and the skill in the fight! Learn more and sign up on our Direct Action course page.

A variety of Kung Fu classes to choose from...

Our Martial Movement course offers a physical fitness approach. Kung Fu masters are experts of movement. Train in methods that have been taught for centuries. Improve your physical fitness. Expand your martial knowledge.

Check out our full listing of courses and find one that is right for you.