Round Rock Seminar Success!

Sifu Fogg Seminar in Round Rock, TX - Class Photo

Students, Instructors, & Grandmaster Raymond Fogg in a class photo.
Instructors (seated, L to R): Sifu Nick Caporin, Sifu James McLin, Sifu Damien Mills, Sifu Raymond Fogg, Sifu Richard Feagin (RIP), Sifu Kevin Clark

Another great seminar with Grandmaster Raymond Fogg! For all those who missed this opportunity, we had a day filled with kung fu training. There were 3 sessions that took us from 10am to 6pm. We started the day with a beginners chin na seminar where everyone learned how to seize and control their opponent with minimal effort (no to mention inflicting face cringing pain!). The next session had us learning a Southern Shaolin Snake Shape Fist form. This was an involved but fun form that everyone enjoyed, and although being mantis practitioners, didn’t do too bad using snake. The last session was for instructors and had them learning a mainland Seven Star Praying Mantis form called Damo Seung Sao Gim (Buddhist 2-Handed Sword) and some advanced cavity pressing chin na.

It was an intense day and a great time. A big thanks to Sifu Damien Mills and Seven Star Martial Arts for hosting the event. Check out our facebook page to see pictures from the seminar.