WKFE Hosts Third In White Ape Series Seminar, in Dallas, TX

Grandmaster Raymond Fogg and the World Kung Fu Exchange held a day of seminars in Dallas this past Saturday. The third installment in a series of seminars teaching a number of lesser known White Ape forms. For this seminar, Iron Phoenix was there to teach the form, White Ape Offers The Fruit (白猿献果拳).

White Ape Offers The Fruit - Class Photo

Attending students being led through White Ape Offers The Fruit by Iron Phoenix instructor, Nick Caporin.

In addtion, we had the opportunity to learn another form from Sifu Kevin Clark of America’s Wellness Institute. He offered to teach the 7-Star Praying Mantis set, Small Wheel Fist (小翻車拳).

Small Wheel Fist - Class Photo

Attending students learning Small Wheel Fist as taught by AWI instructor, Sifu Kevin Clark.

We all had a great time and I’d like to thank Grandmaster Raymond Fogg and all the students who attended. It is always exciting to see the kung fu family get together and train, I look forward to the next one.